By app from A to B. moovel simplifies urban mobility

Which is the perfect way to cross the city here and now? The moovel app compares the mobility offers of different providers in terms of price and duration – for the optimum route from A to B. Via moovel it is possible to reserve, book and pay for different means of transport for a route. Very simple.

moovel has set itself the target of radically simplifying mobility in towns and cities. The wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler AG is working on an operating system for urban mobility that offers access to suitable mobility options and paves the way for a future with autonomous vehicles.

The decisive factor is what the customers want. And they have different preferences. For some people in the city, having their own car does not really make sense. They prefer to make use of Daimler offers such as moovel. The app offers access to many different mobility options.

日日夜夜撸Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, on March 29, 2017 at the Ordinary Annual General Meeting of Daimler AG in Berlin

A mixture of different means of transport

Intermodal mobility is the latest trend. Every means of transport is justified, from the bicycle to the car, from the suburban railway to the taxi. It is often a mixture of precisely these means of transport which pass through the city the fastest. Regardless of whether you are in your own or a different town or city: On the smartphone or tablet, the moovel mobility app shows the driving time and costs of public transport, carsharing providers, mytaxi, a rented bicycle and the German railroad system Deutsche Bahn. Most of the offers can be easily reserved, booked and paid for directly via the app. The moovel mobility app now also makes local public transport more attractive to people who up to now have considered it too inflexible.

Payment has now become even more convenient with PayPal and a fingerprint

日日夜夜撸Since the summer of 2016 it has also been possible to pay for journeys in moovel via PayPal. Just adding your own PayPal account to the moovel app as a payment method will do it. When booking, you can always decide whether the payment should be confirmed with your personal moovel PIN or your own fingerprint. It could hardly be simpler.

A partner of towns and cities, transportation networks and customers

moovel acts as a partner of towns and cities, transportation networks and customers. On the German market, the company offers the moovel app as well as white label solutions for transport companies. The moovel mobility app combines local public transport, the carsharing provider car2go as well as mytaxi, rented bicycles and the German railroad system Deutsche Bahn. Most of the offers can be easily booked and paid for directly via the moovel app. With its moovel transit product range, moovel Group offers white label solutions for transport networks and companies worldwide. In the USA, moovel North America is the market leader for mobile ticketing solutions for local transport providers with moovel transit.

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