Daimler Buses.

We are perfectly positioned, as we operate numerous production facilities and service centers worldwide. We are a full-line supplier, whose Mercedes-Benz, Setra, and BharatBenz brands cover every requirement in the bus segment. Moreover, our products stand out by offering maximum safety, efficiency, and environmental compatibility. Our OMNIplus and BusStore brands operate a global service network and provide a complete range of services including the purchase and sale of preowned buses.

Industry Leader in its Traditional Markets

日日夜夜撸The Daimler Buses division with its brands Mercedes-Benz and Setra is the undisputed industry leader for buses above 8 metric tons in its traditional core markets in the EU30 region, Brazil, Turkey, Argentina and Mexico. The division’s product range comprises city and intercity buses, coaches and bus chassis. The largest of the division’s 14 production sites are located in Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, and since 2015, in India as well. In 2016, Daimler Buses generated 66% of its revenue in the EU30 region and 13% in Latin America (excluding Mexico). While we mainly sell fully equipped buses in Europe, our business in Latin America, Mexico, Africa and Asia is focused on the production and distribution of bus chassis.



Learn more about the product brands of Daimler Buses:

? Mercedes-Benz日日夜夜撸, professional business partner and technology leader with full-line expertise,

? Setra日日夜夜撸, the leading premium bus and coach manufacturer meeting the highest standards of excellence and

? BharatBenz offering a comprehensive range of fully equipped buses specifically tailored to the Indian market.

Daimler Buses. Best Buses. We Provide the Best Mobility Solutions.

Mobility is being transformed worldwide. More and more people are now living in cities. Because private transport alone cannot meet people’s mobility needs for work, school, and leisure activities, our aim as a leader in technology and innovation is to offer future-oriented mobility solutions involving buses. Our alternative drive system concepts, vehicle sharing services, autonomous driving options, and vehicle connectivity systems offer solutions for the current and future requirements of passenger transportation. Many of our innovations are already blazing new trails out on the road. As a global bus manufacturer, we also continue to grow in a sustainable and profitable manner. But why are we doing all of this? The ultimate aim in all of our strategic fields and activities is to thrill customers in line with our slogan: “Daimler Buses. Best Buses. We Provide the Best Mobility Solutions.”

Mercedes-Benz Future Bus

From the optimization of the diesel engine to the development of alternative drive systems

We are working on reducing the CO2 emissions of conventional diesel engines as well as on the development of completely emission-free buses. Among other things, we want to bring the electric Citaro to the series-production stage by 2018. In addition, Daimler Buses is offering a comprehensive range of advice for electric mobility systems. For example, we work together with customers to analyze the routes on which buses are used and to examine the infrastructure costs, the passenger numbers, the non-operational time, the range, and the availability of charging infrastructures and charging strategies.

Ensuring maximum safety and pioneering autonomous driving

Our approach to autonomous and accident-free driving is founded on the use of comprehensive safety and assistance systems combined with vehicle connectivity technology and realtime digital maps. We are continuing to extend our lead in these areas, which we are using as the technological basis for the development of autonomous driving. The trend is being set here by the Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot. In July 2016, this partially autonomous city bus with a pioneering design made its first drive on a public road. The stretch is part of Europe’s longest BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) route, which is located in Amsterdam.

Heading into a digital and connected future

At our , which was established in 2016, we are working to enhance existing business models and develop completely new mobility solutions for the international bus business. The team members are also addressing the challenges faced by the passenger transport sector as a result of trends such as increasing urbanization and drive-system electrification. In addition, the team is sustainably enhancing vehicle connectivity, which is offering huge benefits for everyone from bus operators (in terms of fleet management and maintenance costs) to bus drivers traveling their routes. Moreover, passengers benefit from e-tickets and many other features.

Sustainable mobility concepts

The demand for mobility is increasing worldwide. Sustainable mobility solutions are needed to meet these challenges. An important component of these solutions is provided by Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)日日夜夜撸 systems, which are already offering environmentally friendly and fast public transport on dedicated bus lanes in many cities around the world. More than 185 BRT systems are currently in operation worldwide, and many of our buses are used for this purpose. Along with their low planning and construction costs, BRT systems are primarily successful because they can be quickly implemented.

Mercedes-Benz Bus Rapid Transit BRT

Management Team of Daimler Buses

Key Figures Daimler Buses 2018

265 m


日日夜夜撸previous year 281 m €

4,529 m


previous year 4,524 m €

5.9 %

Return on sales

日日夜夜撸previous year 6.2 %

144 m

Investment in property, plant and equipment

previous year 94 m €

199 m

R & D expenditure

日日夜夜撸previous year 194 m €


(units) Unit sales

日日夜夜撸previous year 28,676

Sales Figures

Sales 2016
Total 26,226
EU30 (European Union, Switzerland, and Norway) 8,838
thereof Germany 3,063
Mexico 3,780
Latin America (excluding Mexico) 9,837
Asia 1,759
Other Markets 2,012
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